Stable & Horse Services

The Play Polo Club is an entity of Play Polo LLC that provides full boarding and various horse services conveniently located on the polo grounds! All boarders need to be playing members of the Play Polo Club.


  • Horse boarding - $490/month/horse
    Includes: hay and grain, pasture, stall, stall cleaning, stick and ball field, polo field and access to tack room. (Fields available weather and schedule permitting).

  • Horse care - $1250/horse/year (estimate)
    Estimated fees for veterinary and ferrier services.
  • Stable shareware - $125/horse/year
    A flat fee to provide essential horse care items for everyone to share, such as brushes, shampoo, basic medicine, clippers, etc.


    • Park & Play - $150/month/horse
      Your horse gets tacked up and brushed or washed off for you twice a week so you park your car and play or ride! For those playing in Granville twice a month there is a $25 charge/month/horse.
    • Horse conditioning - $175/month/horse
      Keep your horses in shape during the season through polo-specific conditioning and schooling three times/week.
    • Find your polo pony - 10% of purchase price - $750 minimum (per horse)
      When you are in the market for a polo pony, you can hire Play Polo LLC. Horace has a wide range of contacts in the polo world and will try out horses across the country to find the horse you need.
    • Brokerage fee - 10% of purchase price - $750 minimum (per horse)
      When club members want to sell their horses to other club members Horace can facilitate the transaction and assess a proper valuation so it is a fair deal for both parties. The brokerage fee is split between the buyer and seller.
    • Horse transportation - $1/mile - $75 minimum
      Play Polo can transport horses for $1/mile ($75 minumum) to games or other events.
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