The 2018 outdoor season kicks off May 17 and concludes October 14. Consider joining the Play Polo Club! See you on the polo field!

Playing Member – $1500

As a playing member you will be able to participate in Thursday scrimmages at the Ackley Polo Field and Saturday afternoon games at Los Gemelos Polo field in Westerville.

Granville playing option – $1000

Playing members have the option to play every other Sunday afternoon at the great lawn of Bryn Du for an additional $1000 for the season or $150 per game. If a player hosts a game in Granville then playing fee will be reduced to $750!

La Liga – $125/player/game

Fun and competitive polo with structured teams, umpiring, and score keeping. There will be 3 teams: Dark Horse Polo Team, Wild Hogs Polo Team and Pegasus Polo Team.

Groom rate – $750

Grooms of playing members can join the club at a discounted rate. They can play in all games (scrimmages, club polo and Granville matches) with the exception of La Liga, though playing members have priority of play.

Professional Polo Players – FREE

Professional polo players are a benefit to the club and enhance the game of polo for everyone. Therefore, they will be able to play for free on the basis they be conscious of their role as mentors and coaches.

Guest Players – Pay per Chucker

Guest players can play (up to 3 times) with the club at the rate of $50/chucker for scrimmages and weekend matches.

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