Former 4-goal professional polo player Horace Henriot founded the Play Polo Club. He started playing in Belgium when he was thirteen and trained as a young adult in Argentina with some of the world’s best players, including 10-goal players Augustin, Sebastian & Pite Merlos, Lucas Monteverde and Mariano Aguerre. At nineteen, Horace became a professional polo player in the USA and played competitively in Europe and throughout the States. He enjoyed a short career in polo before making life-altering decisions that led him on a different path, changing his reasons for seeking success and excellence.

After over a decade out of polo to pursue pastoral work and leadership coaching, Horace returned to the sport with hopes that by using his talents and gifts, it would further the same purposes he had in pastoral work. In the spring of 2013, Horace and his family started Play Polo LLC: a full-service polo company focusing on instruction, supply of equipment and the scouting of polo ponies. Within the first year, over 200 people in Columbus tried out polo and 20 people began taking regular lessons, including some who bought polo ponies.

In order to sustain the development of polo in Columbus, the need for a new polo club became evident. Through the incredible support of several polo enthusiasts, the Play Polo Club became a reality.

The Play Polo Club plays on 3 polo fields; Los Gemelos Polo field in Westerville, the Ackley Polo Field in Gahanna and the Great Lawn of Bryn Du in Granville.

The vision of the Play Polo Club is to make entry into the polo world as easy as possible in order to grow the sport in the Columbus area. Services such as just showing up on the field and your horse is ready to go (Park & Play), horse transportation, finding your ideal polo pony and polo equipment make this possible. The Play Polo Farm boards many of the polo ponies and the polo fields are ready, safe and beautiful. A solid organization working behind the scenes makes it possible for players to simply enjoy the great game of polo. We also value giving back and levering polo for the greater good through hosting charity polo matches and offering service opportunities.

Here is a recap video of Play Polo’s 2016 season.

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